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Kaua'i's First Beach Cleanup Station

Made entirely out of up-cycled plastic!

Turning the Problem into a Solution

As we continue to deal with harmful marine debris washing up on our shores, Ho'omalu Ke Kai is committed to tackling this problem in a two-pronged approach: both proactive and corrective. We take preventative action against these foreseen issues, and also creatively respond to the current issues at hand. 

Our monthly communinty beach cleanups actively remove ocean plastics and marine debris from Kaua'i's coast, and instead of all of it being thrown into our landfill, we bring it back to our facility where it goes through a tedious process to be upcycled. 

Ocean plastics are scanned, sorted, crushed, and cleaned, before they are melted into a mold. Our 1.5x1.5" molds are currently being used to create Self Beach Cleanup Stations that will be deployed around the island, encouraging others to participate in creating healthier coastlines.

Ho'omalu Ke Kai's efforts make the problem of ocean plastic part of the solution to clean our beaches and provide a brighter future for Kaua'i.  

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